A hongdae hello!

I’m sitting at a Cafe in Hongdae, Seoul. I’ve now been here in Korea for 2 months. What began as an exploratory trip through Asia has since developed into a plan to move to Seoul. I originally booked plane tickets for a month in Japan, followed by 10 days in Seoul. The 10 days then became one month, then one month became two, and now I’m looking at canceling my flight home all together.

I’ve been interested in teaching English in Japan since the thought first occurred to me a year ago, and I’ve had an interest in Japan from an early age…dating back to age 12 when I was first exposed to Dragonball Z and Gundam Wing through cartoon network’s Toonami program. What began as an interest in Japanese pop culture, developed into a broader interest in Asian history, art, religion and more recently gardening and food. Yet, Korea was never on my radar.

Curiosity and love brought me here to Seoul. Back in November, I took a month long intensive teaching course for my TEFL certificate through the Boston Language Institute in Boston, Massachusetts. While there, I met a girl from Incheon, an industrial port city, neighboring Seoul. We went to a celtics game together, talked, traded information and that was it. Her name’s You Jeong, and she’s now my girlfriend. When leaving for Asia, my intention was to explore Japan with the idea of possibly living and working there. I learned quickly that I loved the country. I still do. Yet, with Seoul being a 2 1/2 hour flight from Tokyo, I figured I’d check it out and visit You Jeong, with the expectation we’d have a fun week together, and I’d fly home. It didn’t take long for me to learn our connection was strong, and that Korea’s a fun, fascinating place. So, here I am…sitting in a cafe, looking for apartments nearby and in the process of setting up a teaching job for myself in the city.

I’m hoping to use this space to share my thoughts on just about everything…practicalities of daily living in Korea, cultural observations, reflections on the expat experience, travel tips, and English teaching experiences…but, mostly, I’m using this blog to provide a glimpse into my life in Korea. So, this my introduction. Happy birthday blog!

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