Ramyeon, Gimbap and Kimchi Dinner!


Why put tasty pictures to waste? Took a few shots from dinner the other night at Sindorim station. You Jeong and I had some Ramyeon (“Ramen”) Gimbap and Kimchi, classic Korean snack foods.


MMMM. Spicy ramen noodles with eggs and onions.


Surprisingly fresh Kimchi for a metro station restaurant. Despite eating a lot of food here I’m still pretty naive about judging Korean food, but You Jeong was telling me that this Kimchi has the characteristics of being fresh. Not a lot of sour flavor, not very shriveled up with a thick coating of Gochujang (pepper paste). Had a bit too strong of a fish flavor, imo, but nonetheless enjoyed it.


And, cheese Gimbap…also known as a korean sandwich, as it usually comes in one long roll. Similar to sushi, but with a little less organized appearance…food is a great way to understand differences between japanese and korean culture by the way…Korean food tends to be abrasive, loud, disorganized but really delious (imo) while japanese cuisine is tamer and softer in flavor and usually nicely presented….At first, I wasn’t sure what to make of Korean food, but now I can’t get enough of it. Also, if you’re wondering, that is American cheese.

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