Good Morning Seoul

It’s an early Sunday morning here in Seoul. I’m at Starbucks, eating a simple bagel and cream cheese and coffee breakfast. My eyes opened this morning to a view of a foggy Seoul skyline, but the sun is now peeking through the grey layers and cars are passing by in greater frequency. I’ve got a bit of a long day ahead of me. Tomorrow I leave for a month long trip in America…both an opportunity to see friends and family but also to prepare for next steps in Korea. I’ll be setting up a new visa, allowing myself to continue to study and work here, as I continue looking for work options and improve my Korean. I’m having such a great time in Korea now, that I’m sure I’ll be excited to come back in a months time..Yet, for now, I’m excited about the upcoming trip.

I’ll be heading first to Nevada for a day and a night in Vegas followed by a short road trip to some of the surrounding national parks in Utah and Arizona. After a few days, I’ll then be making the final stretch to Vermont, where I’ll spend most of my time, split up with a short trip to Cape Cod, a special place in my memory, where my family used to spend summer vacations.

These days, I’m increasingly feel more and more comfortable in Korea…the result of my gradually improving language ability, an increased comfort living within this culture and my expanded friendships…While I love living in Asia, and in some ways prefer it to home, I’m always fascinated by my home country. I’ve, since a young age, been drawn to and excited by images of the vast American west…images of native americans living primitively amongst nature, the mammoth canyons that expand beyond the reach of eyes, like a large ocean of sand and earth…I’ve never lost this attraction to the American West…so it’ll great to find myself back there for a few days. Also I’m looking forward to spending time in my country as it processes the social, economic and cultural consequences of all that’s occurring…between an apparent growing renaissance in the civil rights and feminist movements, and the current, dramatic, presidential election cycle. America’s my native home, so I can relate to these events in a more immediate, and passionate way, than I can to the issues affecting Korea. I’m looking forward to being back for a bit and documenting my time while I’m there…

More updates to come…

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