This blog started out as a space for me simply to keep in touch with family and friends back in America about my experiences in Korea. Over time it’s taken on a new meaning for me, becoming a space not only to share my experiences but also as a creative outlet to develop my writing and photography. I’ve been living in Seoul, South Korea for going on three years and in that time have gained experience as an english teacher, editor and a student of Korean at Sogang University’s Korean Language Center.

My time in Asia has served as an incredible learning opportunity for me in many ways. As a native of Vermont, USA, I grew up in peaceful, yet rather isolated bubble of America. Vermont’s a wonderful place, yet like Korea, very homogenous. Prior to coming to Asia, I hadn’t experienced much outside of my white, middle-class upbringing. Korea and my life here provided me the opportunity to live on the other side of a majority, in a culture completely foreign to me, a language I didn’t understand and in a new role as “foreigner”. My experience has been at times tough, at times lonely, yet also fascinating, fun and incredibly rewarding. I guess that’s why I’m still here? :p. From first arriving in Korea, I’ve built my way up to an intermediate/low advanced level in Korean, gained a decent grasp on the culture (yet still struggle in my own way to live within it), and improved my photography/writing at the same time. Having met many miserable expats, I’m proud to say, despite my occasional complaints, I’m still happily living abroad, challenges included.

If there’s a purpose to my blog besides my simple sharing of daily insights and offering a glimpse into life in Asia from the perspective of a young American male, it would be to serve as a resource for anyone else with an interest in travel, Korea or living abroad, to possibly gather what the experience is like or what type of things you might find in this region. More than anything else, I hope you enjoy following my stories and ramblings, as reflected through my small window into the world.

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