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Yangsu-ri is a small, quiet town about an hour outside Seoul by metro. It’s close enough to make an easy day trip, yet far enough to get some peace. The air feels tangibly cleaner and the town sits directly along the opening of the Han River. I wasn’t able to spend as much time here as I wanted, so I plan to make a trip back.

After finishing my hike up Ungilsan, I took the metro one stop across the river to Yangsu Station. I expected a larger town when I exited the station. Instead, I exited to a street full of bicyclistics with colored uniforms. It’s a nice area to rent a bike and cruise around with friends/family. I walked towards Yangsu-ri Dumulmori, considered the most scenic spot in town. This is where the Bukhangang and Namhangang rivers merge into the Han River, the river that intersects Seoul into north and south areas. Along the river were many water lillies and beautiful lotus flowers. I walked along, eventually settling in a cafe to study Korean. I’m hoping to get back and try the Sundubu Jjiggae (Tofu stew), see Semiwon (a famous garden) and catch the morning sunrise. Yet, for now, my trip was adequate.